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Aviation technologies are successfully applied in other companys activities. One of those is car interior re-equipment. Using the modern aviation achievement we can turn usual bus into huge company managers office. In such a mobile office you can hold a meeting near the construction building (road, bridge, etc.). It can be equipped with Internet, telephone, fax and other means of communication. You can also conduct an informal meeting somewhere alfresco with high comfort. For leisure activities the bus is equipped with video and audio systems; there are several sleeping accommodations in it. Such kind of vehicles can be used for comfortable out-of-town trips.

A bigger vehicle can be equipped with hot-water, shower cabin, a toilet, a galley, a fridge, etc. LED lightning allows optimal illumination with minimal demand. LED services ten times longer than the usual lightning. Draw-out tables and chairs, fold out TV panel, used in aviation, will allow to use your car space in a most effective way.

For hunters, fishermen and those who prefer active rest we will create mobile home on a base of cross-country vehicle. It can be used all year round as it has an independent heater and thermostatic body. There is everything you may need: self-contained power supply, a hall, a galley, a dining area, etc.

We can also suggest a mobile sauna for those who choose comfort even out of city. It contains everything for comfortable steam-bathing.

We are also busy with rare car renovation and interior renewal re-upholstery (leather, fabrics), new design and other services which improve operational and aesthetic qualities of your car.






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