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One of the main companys area of activity is commercial aircraft renovation. Aircraft maintenance section is responsible for this business line. The section has all the necessary equipment, manufacturing and warehouse areas and qualified specialists. The section performs wide range of activities in full compliance with effective certificates, like:

  • air stairs repair;

  • overlay installation;

  • antislip coating;

  • door rims change;

  • plastic lining;

  • lavatory renovation, including new modules installation;

  • panels lining (dado, window panels, ceiling, etc.) by leather-like fabric and decorative films;

  • spraying panel painting, polymeric painting of metal items;

  • flooring renovation (incl. honeycomb panel repair);

  • partition installation;

  • carpet cutting and overlocking;

  • soft partition and curtains;

  • upholstery;

  • renovation and modification of galley equipment and so on.

Besides we provide paint-and-laquer coating renovation, marking logo, official information and other lettering by paint and tape.

Our specialists will develop corporate identity for your aircrafts, upholstery, curtains and flooring color and patterns. We can also provide you with fabrics and flooring.

Aircraft maintenance section provides renovation of all kind of commercial seats. Renovation is equal to complete overhaul: worn-out parts are changed into new ones, protective and decorative coatings are applied. We can also apply polymeric coating on seat elements. New seat softness is installed and seatbelts can be optionally replaced.

Company produces various seats covers made of domestic and foreign materials. Certified leather and fabrics are used in seats upholstery.

Our specialist will help you to change seats design and its possible to perform seats renovation without aircraft stoppage.


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