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Our company service department provides high-quality internal cleaning and external washing of aircrafts basing and transiting in źKazan╗ airport. Service department has 5-years experience and excellent references. Among our regular customers are: źTulpar╗, źLufthansa╗, źTurkish airlines╗, źUzbek airlines╗, źUTair╗, źS7 Airlines╗, źGazPromAvia╗, źKD Avia╗, źOrenair╗ and other.

Service department has well-trained personnel and is well-equipped to provide best quality service.

Apart from internal cleaning, service department provides following services:

  • External aircraft washing

  • Flooring dry-cleaning

  • Passenger seats covering dry-cleaning

  • Consumables supplement

  • Oven and boilers cleaning

  • Uniform dry-cleaning

All equipment and chemicals are certified for civil aviation.

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