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Companys main area of business is aircraft VIP-cabins designs and production, including all components production.

VIP-cabin production includes:

  • Conceptual study and VIP-cabin layout preparation.

    At this stage companys specialists discuss with a customer initial data related to cabin function, number of seats, working and rest areas, galley, etc. After detailed elaboration of clients requirements the best solution is presented. Detailed Requirements Specification is prepared basing on agreed solution.

  • Interior design draft and choice of finishing material with color pattern preparation.

    Considering customers requirements regarding cabin tonality, design group proposes finishing materials: leather, leather-like material, veneer and finewood, fabric, various floor covering, precast stone, decorative coatings and many others.

    Designers creates cabin 3D model using chosen finishing materials.

    Customer can take a walk around a future cabin and consider dimensions, furniture layout, design, etc.

  • Engineering and technical documentation development.

    On this stage working and engineering documentation for all design and equipment elements is prepared.

    Solid modeling guards against errors on the projecting stage. It allows to define equipment mass to high precision, which enables weight and area optimization. All this helps to define allotment of materials. Solid models can be reproduced on CNC machines omitting part blueprinting stage.


  • Floor framework and fuselage elements finalization for new equipment installation.

    After technical documentation development and design bureau approval, full fitting and electric installation work package is performed to prepare cabin for equipment installation.


  • VIP-cabin interior elements production.

    Tulpar Interior Group produces all kinds of VIP-cabin elements: seats, coaches, lamps, air outlets, commutation elements, LED lightning, furniture and so on. Items are produced in accordance with design documentation, pass all the necessary tests and are compliant to aviation standards. We use exclusive and certified materials of a high quality.

  • VIP-cabin assembling.

    The final stage of VIP-cabin production is preliminary fitting and final furniture and equipment assembling.

    Every cabin is absolutely unique and exclusive and will satisfy the most demanding customer.

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