About Us


Tulpar Interior Group, Ltd was founded on 7th of October, 2003 on the base of Tulpar airlines aircraft refurbishment and renovation division. Thats the only company in this area, which is created by experts, having great experience in aircraft operation and repair and on the base of airline. That is why we create beautiful and exclusive VIP cabins, considering convenience and simplicity of aircraft technical operation.

All kinds of operation are performed by qualified professionals using the most advanced technologies and quality system in compliance with aviation regulations AR-21 and AR-145. It is certified by Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA), Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee (ARIAC).

Tulpar Interior Group today is a dynamically developing company, which performs following types of activities:

  • Design, planning, manufacturing and installation of aircraft VIP-interiors

  • Component manufacturing for aircraft cabins

  • Repairing and re-equipping of passenger aircraft cabins

  • Repairing of armchairs and interior elements of passenger aircraft

  • Partial and full restoration of VIP-interiors including changes in cabin lay-out diagram

  • Warranty and post-warranty service of cabins and interior elements

  • Weighing and centering determination of aircrafts

  • Installation of all types of navigation equipment, satellite communication system, entertainment and life-saving equipment

  • Aircraft exterior washing, cleaning and dry-cleaning of aircraft cabins

  • Re-equipment of car interiors, interior elements manufacturing, restoration of rarity cars

  • Design and manufacturing of yachts, cutters, ships interiors and also their restoration

  • Design and manufacturing exclusive interior elements of cottages, apartments, country-houses etc.

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