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We wouldnt have reached such success without our friends and partners help, and we sincerely thank them:

TatInvetBank - provides all banking services for our company.
Tulpar Air Airline - passenger, cargo and VIP flight, all kinds of maintenance, including heavy forms of flight maintenance
Tulpar-Service company - our employees transportation, special purpose transport provision
A.S. Yakovlev Design Bureau JSC - quite a lot of VIP-cabin re-equipment projects were realized by its specialist direct participation
Smolensk Aircraft Plant JSC - YAK-40 re-equipment partner
Yak Service JSC - Tulpar Interior Group partner for aircraft modification with modern navigation, emergency and other equipment
Spektr-Avia JSC - leading aircraft painting company in Russia
VIAM USTC Ulyanovsk - provides honeycomb panels for our production
Russia leading aviation institutes: State Research Institute CA and AN, VIAM provides our projects scientific support
Interstate Aviation Committee advisory support of our production development and bringing our quality control system into line with Russian and world standards
Kazan International airport JSC - our companys base airport
Townsend Leather (USA) genuine leather for aircraft interiors supplier
Tapis Corporation (USA) leather-like fabrics supplier
Marion Aircraft (USA) floor covering supplier
Euro-Composites (Luxemburg) honeycomb panel supplier

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