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Tulpar Interior Group main competitive advantage is its own manufacturing base, including buildings, constructions, etc. The company owns three manufacturing building of about 4000², warehouses, and also aircrafts ramp.

Production is well-equipped with modern machinery and facilities.

VIP cabin re-equipment area consists of:

  • Design office and design group creates design solutions, prepares design and manufacturing documentation;

  • Fitting section production of hardware items for aircraft fuselage modification for VIP cabin installation; performs a set of riveting operations

  • Metalwork section covers all enterprise needs in hardware items from fixing hardware to more complex ones;

  • Lining section provides aircraft panels covering with all kinds of finishing material (leather, leather-like material, artificial suede, fabric), and also produces various furniture filling elements;

  • Avionics department is responsible for aircraft equipment with all sorts of avionic and electronic facilities and production of lighting, feeding and control systems;

  • Sewing section leather and other fabrics articles fabrication;

  • Composition section produces different composite material interior elements: plastic, honeycomb panel, liquid stone and others;

  • Furniture section finewood interior furniture production, furniture and interior elements veneering, lacquering and polishing ;

  • Assembling section initial interior elements and panels fitting and final VIP-cabin installation.


Production is controlled by production manager, production office and engineering and monitoring office. Quality control department performs qualifying operation in compliance with ISO-9000 and aviation regulations AR-21 and AR-145.

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